Choosing A Local Plumber

If you were to search online, you can find a million articles on locating plumbing contractors in your city or state. We thought we would give you are real-time example of what you should be doing if you are searching for an expert plumber online. There are many different sites, blogs, and forums dedicated to finding the best plumber, but not all the information you find online is valid. Just like the real world of politics, you will also find “fake news” and fake information when it comes to selecting your plumber. We are going to walk you through the steps we have taken to find the best plumber in your area.

Choosing A Plumber In Leesburg

We chose a random city to help you find the best service provider. We wanted to choose an area in Loudon County Virginia that was up and coming, had a lot of new people moving into the area, and had some decent competition when it came to plumbing services.  We started our search with Google, and simply searched Leesburg Plumber. iPlumb Home Services, Crown Plumber, and Flowthrough Plumbing were the three companies we see listed in the Google search results right below the ads.  If we were really in a plumbing emergency, we may go right away to the top of the page and click on one of the companies paying Google for this prime piece of advertising real estate. However, we have a little more time, so we are going to dig around and see if we can find a reputable company to hire.

image of Google's top plumbers in Leesburg VirginiaAfter our initial search on Google, we see that the results show the top 4 placements on the top left all containing ads from Google. This means that this search term is something worth value, and plumbing companies are willing to pay money just to have a click to their website in and around the city of Leesburg.  You will also notice on the right hand side that Google has already given us one of their recommendations for a company to choose. As mentioned before, iPlumb Home Services was one Google thought would be a wise choice.  Google has also tried to make the review process a little easier, by giving us reviews not only from other Google users, but they are now also including reviews on iPlumb for HomeAdvisor, Yellow Pages, and Facebook.  By having more reviews from different sources on the web, you are able to really determine if the reviews are valid, or it is simply the work of a good online marketing firm.  From here, we are able to click here to the service providers pages, gather relevant information about the company in question, and also see if the 5 star ratings are valid and true.  In this case, we clicked on the website and found that iPlumb Home Services does in fact have a solid reputation in the industry.

Find Reviews On Websites Other Than Google

There are a few very prominent companies that offer reviews online that can be trusted. One of the biggest and most well-known would have to be Angie’s List. If a company has achieved a high rating in Angie’s List for plumbing repair or emergency plumbing services, you can bet that they have earned that reputation. Angie’s List scrutinizes reviews and makes sure that they are as valid and truthful as possible. You actually need to pay a subscription to get the reviews and highest rated plumbers in a particular city.

Another great site for reviews is Home Advisor. Home Advisor offers a variety of services for homeowners. You can do a search right in Home Advisor plumber near you. Not only can you find up to date information on plumbers, you can find roofers, siding contractors, painters, window installation companies, and just about any other home improvement service imaginable.  With a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily weed out the top companies from the pretenders.  Home Advisor is paid based upon the contractors you choose, so you have to be just a little more cautious with this site compared to Angie’s List.

Once Your Narrowed Down Your Choices, Find Out About Guarantees

The plumbing industry is just one of those home improvement categories that has a bad reputation.  You want to make sure that your new plumber has some sort of price guarantee or written offer that will stand up after the plumbing project is completed.  You don’t want to have a new sewer line or tankless hot water heater installed only to have it go out just a few weeks later with no recourse. In the case above, we were able to find that Iplumb Home Services offers estimates in writing, as well as a 100% price protection guarantee.  We feel that through a bit of research, we have found a company that can handle our 24 hour plumbing emergency.


Important Factors to Consider When Hiring a Plumber

Congratulations! You just decided to hire a plumber that will address the problems of your plumbing needs. This is a very wise decision you made and must never leave such projects on your hands. However, there are certain factors you need to consider if you wish to hire experienced or high-quality plumber.

Updated License

It is not enough to hire a plumber that possesses experience. They should also have their license, and it must be updated, too. The reason? They are subjected to the standards established by the governing body when they do so. Having no license means that plumbers can do what they want without a care whether or not they did the right job. What’s more, it will be difficult for you to chase after them since they are not registered as a licensed professional, though they can still be sued for pretending to be a licensed specialist. To avoid such hassles, you should see to it that they do have licenses. Do not take their word for it – ask for where they keep their license so that you can check it out later if they are telling the truth.


This is the second most important factor to consider when talking about hiring plumbers. Every plumber that comes into your property must be insured. In certain cases, they should be bonded, too. Insurance will not only protect the plumber but you as well. This is highly helpful in case of any accident or injury.


Experience in the industry

This pertains to the length of time the business has been operating in the industry. Ask them how long they have stayed in business. Larger companies tend to staff plumbers that have years of experience, which is enough to convince you. However, you still need to ask. There is no harm in doing so. It is a good sign from a plumbing company that they have been in this industry for several years since it usually means that they have a proof of quality work provided to their clients.

Pricing on their services

Professional plumbers know what to do when they have finished assessing the problem, and at the same time, they can also provide an accurate estimation of the project. To get good value from the plumbing service you will eventually hire, make sure you get three estimates so that you can compare the prices and hire the one you think will give you the best value for your money. Be extra wary of the estimate that is lower compared to the others. Although not all the time, it could mean that the plumber could be cutting plans or corners with using inferior parts.

The Plumbing Services They Provide

You may not even realize all of the different services that your plumbing professional may offer. We always think about unclogging a toilet or fixed a broken pipe, but your plumbing professional can do so much more. You can call a plumber near you for drain unclogging, fixing or replacing your garbage disposal, fixing and installing hose bibs as well as winterizing them, adding insulation around pipes and fittings, installation and repair of pipes, sewers, adding or fixing a shower head or entire shower unit, sink repair, unclogging and replacement and repair, toilet installed and fixed, valve repairs, hot water heater work, water services and even more.  Plumbers can charge a slightly higher price because they are very valuable to you and the efficiency of your home.


Plumbers that are in the industry operating for several years will not hesitate to provide you with references. They can’t provide one or will not do it, consider looking for another plumbing company. One of the best ways to ensure the work of the plumbing company to be true is by talking with previous clients.  There are a number or reputable resources for finding a qualified plumber online.  Some of our favorites are Home Advisor, USA Plumbing Directory, Angie’s List and Thumbtack. You can also do a search in your local market to find a list of plumbers on the front page of Google. If you were to live in Washington DC, you can simply do a search for Washington DC plumbing contractors and you will have pages upon pages of potential companies to choose from.  Be sure to do your diligence and look at current customer reviews and ratings.  You don’t want a small plumbing repair turning into a plumbing nightmare.

What to Expect from a Plumber

There are no two plumbing companies made the same. While there are a lot of plumbing companies to choose from, you can only choose one. And that only one must be someone that you can work comfortably well. Otherwise it will be shown in the result of their work. If this is your first time hiring a plumber, the following will at least give you an idea or two what to expect from a plumbing company.

A trustworthy estimate for plumbing jobs

The most common plumbing jobs to do these days are either kitchen or bathroom remodeling. It is where the plumbing system is always in action. In either of these projects, there is a need to hire a plumber. When you do hire one on your own, one of the signs that you should be looking over is that they are willing to offer you a free estimate. But, here’s something else when it comes to the estimate – they should also take a trip to where you are and perform an assessment of the scope of the project. They can’t give you an accurate quote or estimate without seeing the project themselves. Experienced and trustworthy plumbers know very well that an accurate estimate is part of a good service for their customers and at the same time it is of their best interest to provide their potential customers the most accurate estimate that they can offer.

Gratifying plumbing needs that are on budget

This means that there must be no surprises when plumbing companies offer you the estimate. It must be as accurate as possible and that there are no surprising fees during the project and after the project is finished. It is especially important that you don’t receive any bill other than the last one you should be paying when the job ends.


Timely scheduling

If there are any heating and plumbing emergencies or when you are searching for plumbers to help you with certain installation help, you want to work with someone that will respond to your calls right away. They should also be someone that can make a visit to your business or home that is right on schedule. A well-organized plumbing company practices such discipline, not to mention they also have enough personnel to handle the demands of their service. There is no need for you to wait for months or weeks for the plumber to make a visit.

Clean up after work

When hiring a plumber or another contractual work that results in destroying some parts of the house or building. But when they do, you should also expect them to pay respects to the property they are doing business with. Any plumbing contractor or company that is worth its value will need their personnel to ensure that after the project is finished, they are going to clean up the area for any dust, dirt or debris caused during the whole process. If there are garbage that is not disposed properly or there are still muddy footprints all throughout the home are just not considered qualities of authentic plumbing professionals.

This also goes without saying that every household or building owner wants to look for a plumber that can do repair and installations at a competitive price. However, never underestimate the significance of other factors, like the experience these professionals get. A plumbing company that goes the extra mile in keeping their clients satisfied is one that is worth hiring.

You might find a worthy plumbing company or contractor to hire from in your local area. You might be surprised at how skillful and good they are at working with you.